South Korea

South Korea increases number of public holidays with change to weekend rule

The government of South Korea has passed a revised presidential decree to allow more national holidays subject to the government’s alternative statutory holiday program. According to the Ministry of Personnel Management, the Cabinet endorsed the decree that adds four national holidays – March 1st Independence Movement Day, National Liberation Day, National Foundation Day and Hangeul […]

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Lily of the Valley is the traditional flower of May

May 2021 Cultural Diversity Review

May gets off a strong start with one of the biggest secular holidays of the year taking place on May 1st – International Workers’ Day. This holiday can trace it roots back to European pagan fire festivals celebrating the return of the sun at the end of winter. Nowadays however, any red on May day […]

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Greek Independence Day Recipe

It’s the National Day of Greece today, marking the uprising against the Ottoman Empire in 1821. This year, official celebrations are canceled due to Coronavirus. You can still celebrate this National Day with this tasty fish dish that has become synonymous with Greece Independence. March 25th always falls during Lent when eating meat and fish […]

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