Greek Independence Day Recipe

It’s the National Day of Greece today, marking the uprising against the Ottoman Empire in 1821. This year, official celebrations are canceled due to Coronavirus. You can still celebrate this National Day with this tasty fish dish that has become synonymous with Greece Independence. March 25th always falls during Lent when eating meat and fish […]

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U.S. Emancipation

What is Juneteenth?

In recent days, many American companies, such as Twitter and Nike, have given their employees a new company holiday – Juneteenth. In a country where organizations don’t tend to give away time off, this is an unprecedented move. Juneteenth is not a holiday that many people outside of the United States will be aware of. […]

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Cyber Celebrations

Celebrating in a time of Coronavirus

Home for the Holidays The disruption caused by Coronavirus touches all aspects of our daily lives, including the ability to celebrate our key religious festivals. The month of April is chock-full of such holidays such as Passover, Easter, Vaisakhi and Ramadan. While the faithful usually congregate to celebrate and commemorate these holidays, the lockdown of […]

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