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Coronavirus Travel Information by Country


Today is a significant date in the journey towards the resumption of international travel in Europe. From June 15th, restrictions in many EU countries have been lifted for travelers from other EU members.

That also brings an increased level of confusion and complexity regarding who can or cannot travel to specific countries and which countries need a medical certificate, COVID-19 test or have mandatory quarantine.

While many countries remain closed, some like Croatia, Italy and Portugal are already welcoming tourists back. Compulsory quarantines are in place in some places, like the UK, where arrivals must self-isolate for 14 days. Other countries, like Iceland, are offering health tests at the airport to passengers as they touch down. 

In Estonia they have taken a more granular approach. Travel restrictions have been lifted but only for European countries who can show they have an infection rate lower than 15 per 100,000. The list will be updated on a weekly basis. but as it stands, the UK infection rate is too high to allow unfettered entry into Estonia.

This confusing state of affairs is being played out across most countries as each nation is a different place in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To add to the muddied waters, at the same time, airlines are emailing us with offers of flights and foreign holidays and the patchy reporting of the travel guidelines by certain sections of the media doesn’t help.

And as we move forward through the summer, and more countries start adapting their restrictions, planning any international travel can feel like doing a jigsaw without a picture, and what’s worse is that the unseen picture is changing almost every day!

Maps that tell you where in the world you can travel right now

Luckily help is at hand with our interactive coronavirus travel maps for every country. Simply choose the country you want to travel to and you’ll see a map that will help you find who can travel to that country and also highlight any travel restrictions in place from your departure country.

For example, take Estonia and its complicated country rules. Visit our COVID-19 Estonia Travel Guide and you’ll see at a glance, which countries can enter without restrictions, which have quarantine and which are still blocked. Hover over a country or scroll down the page to see the details.

While we hope you find our maps a useful guide, travelers shouldn’t use them as the only resource. The regulations around COVID-19 are constantly evolving and there is no standard approach to the implementation or removal of restrictions. We have therefore gathered and linked as many official government websites as we can, so you can double-check before starting to plan your journeys.


A guide to Greece, showing details applying to Spain.

World map showing countries who can travel to Montenegro.

Zooming in to Europe with details on travel from Sweden to Denmark.

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