Memorial Day

Welcome to our Memorial Day quiz!

Memorial Day is an important holiday in the United States, dedicated to honoring and remembering the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives while serving in the country's armed forces. This quiz will test your knowledge about the history, traditions, and meaning behind Memorial Day. Get ready to test your understanding of this important observance and discover fascinating facts along the way. Are you ready to challenge yourself? Let's dive in and see how well you know Memorial Day!

What was Memorial Day initially called?

Memorial Day initially only honored the fallen from which war?

In 1868, which former Union general issued an order that called for a national day of remembrance for those who died in the Civil War?

Arlington National Cemetery used to be a plantation belonging to whom?

Which president signed the National Moment of Remembrance Act in 2000?

Which historical monument was dedicated on Memorial Day in 1922?

Which war claimed the most American lives?

The National Moment of Remembrance takes place at what time each Memorial Day?

Which of the following Memorial Day activities have been codified into law?

The poem "In Flanders Fields" inspired the tradition of wearing and planting poppy blossoms for Memorial Day. Who wrote it?

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