Labor Day

Quiz: Labor Day


Welcome to your Labor Day

In what year did Labor Day become a U.S. national holiday?

What was the name of the character who symbolized the working women of World War II in the famous "We Can Do It!" campaign?
We can do it poster

Which was the first U.S. state to make Labor Day a holiday?

Canada also celebrates Labour Day on the same day as the United States. But which country can claim to have celebrated the day first?


In which city did the first American celebration of Labor Day occur?

Which organization planned the first Labor Day celebration in the United States?

Who was the leader of the American Railway Union during the Pullman Strike?

Which types of unions are regulated by the National Labor Relations Board, established in 1935?

Which congressional act banned union contributions to political candidates?

Walter Reuther was the fourth president of which labor union?

In which month do most other countries celebrate International Worker's Day?


According to tradition, which color should you stop wearing on Labor Day?

Which state has the highest union membership by % of population?

Which one of the following does not celebrate Labor day?

What is the next Federal Holiday after Labor Day?