Valenciana Community Day is the only public holiday in Spain in October 2019.

Spain feels the holiday pain in October


As we move into the last quarter of the year and Autumn takes a stronger grip on the weather, Spaniards can lament the loss of a national holiday to a weekend as Spain’s National Day, Hispanic Day, falls on Saturday October 12th this year, with not even a single autonomous community offering a day in lieu.

In fact, the only community who will enjoy a holiday in the tenth month of the year is the Valenciana Community, which will observe Valencian Community Day on Wednesday October 9th.

If we extend our gaze to rest of the year, citizens can enjoy a long weekend right at the start of November, as All Saints’ Day handily falls on a Friday this year. The rest of November passes without any more festive days replacing a dreary weekday. The city of Madrid can usually look forward to Our Lady of the Almudena, however that falls on Saturday November 9th.

Luckily December will bring a healthy crop of holidays to round off the year with Spanish Constitution Day on Friday December 6th.

Though the Feast of the Immaculate Conception falls on Sunday December 8th, Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León, Catalunya, Extremadura, Madrid, La Rioja and Melilla will observe a day in lieu on Monday December 9th.

Finally, everyone will observe the Nativity of the Lord on December 25th. The Balearic Islands and Catalonia on December 26th for the celebration of Saint Stephen (San Esteban).