February Video Backgrounds

February Video Conference Backgrounds

Cultural Diversity

February 2: Groundhog Day

February 2nd each year brings the most-watched weather forecast of the year—and the only one led by a rodent.


February 4: Sri Lankan National Day

The holiday primarily celebrates Sri Lanka’s independence from British rule on this day in 1948 but is also a day to remember Sri Lanka’s struggle for independence from various regimes.

Sri Lanka

February 6: Waitangi Day

New Zealand’s National Day commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi – New Zealand’ s founding document

February 11: National Foundation Day

Japan’s National Day marks the traditional date on which according to legend Emperor Jimmu founded Japan in 660 BC

February 14: St. Valentine’s Day

Three different saints named Valentine are recognised by the Catholic Church. Valentine may not be the luckiest of names, as all three of the saints are martyrs.

February 18: Isra & Mi’raj Night

Isra and Mi’raj marks the Night Journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and the ascent into heaven


February 20: Presidents’ Day

The original version of the holiday was in commemoration of George Washington’s birthday.


February 20: Carnival

each year, the streets of Rio de Janeiro erupt with colour and noise as Carnival ushers in the Easter period.

February 21: Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras, the Tuesday before the start of Lent, came to North America as a French Catholic tradition



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